The Consequences For Failure To Pay Child Support In Fort Myers, Florida

24jul 2020
The Consequences For Failure To Pay Child Support In Fort Myers, Florida
Child-support orders are not final. If you’ve had a change in circumstances or a change in custody, you can seek a modification of child support.
Parents have the legal obligation to provide child support in Fort Myers, FL even if the parents are divorced because the well-being of the child is their utmost obligation.
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Florida's child support laws can be complex. If you are not receiving child support payments that are owed to you or have other issues related to child support in Florida, it can create a difficult financial situation for you and your family. Don't go it alone; get help from an experienced Florida family law attorney like Marquez-Kelly Law. 
The determination of the fair payment of money for the child support claim is in accordance with the following agencies: 
Below you'll find other relevant information regarding child support in Florida. A child support enforcement claim is basically imposed until the child’s 18th birthday, provided:

  • The latter has already completed his high school education 
  • Not in any way incapacitated.
1. If it is found the parent willfully failed to pay child support, they can receive the following penalties:
  • Suspension of a driver's license or vehicle registration;
  • Pay a fine;
  • Bank accounts may be seized;
  • An income tax refund may be seized;
  • Jail or prison time.

2. For non-custodial parents who refuses to pay
Considering:  The State has already taken the appropriate measures, the court may : 
  • Hold the defendant in contempt.
  • May be imprisoned until the child support amount is paid.
  • May suspend the non-custodial parent’s Driver’s license too until the child support claim has complied or the defendant agrees to comply with the payment.
When payments are not made for more than a year, or the outstanding owed amount of a child support claim is more than $5,000, the Federal Government may act through the Office of the Inspector General (OIG)
  • The OIG’s office has the authority to impose penalties such as fines and up to 6 months imprisonment or both.
3. If the non-custodial parent decided to evade the court’s directive to provide the required child’s support: 
  • Florida has the authority to secure payment by re-establishing the previous order to the other concerned state. 
  • To reestablish the child support obligation, a certified copy of the child support order must be filed to the court of the other state together with the child support order. 
  • Thereafter, a relevant notice is given to the non-custodial parent for information and reference.
4. If the court opted not to declare the defendant in contempt, the court has the authority to conduct: 
  • Bank account seizure and directly apply money for payment to the child support claimprovided, the amount due is more than $600.
  • The court may likewise deduct the child support payment from the non-custodial parent’s income by withholding the money from their paycheck to cover the overdue amount as well as the future payments.
  • the court may confiscate payments from federal and state tax returns, and it may even intercept other monetary benefits like worker’s compensation to enforce its order.
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